English version of the note SDG17 : Rationale, Understanding, Areas of Focus

How to accelerate the achievement of our ambitions?
How to operationalize SDG 17?

Orchestrated by the Comité 21, with the active participation of Le Rameau, Cités Unies France, Convergences, La Fonda, the Interregional Conference of Regional Multi-Actor Networks, and with the support of the United Nations Development Program and the Ministry of Europe and French Foreign Affairs, this note is intended to reflect the cooperative spirit of this SDG 17.

It is the fruit of the collaboration, over several months, of this collective of French civil society organizations, who set out their visions, their understandings of this cross-cutting SDG and suggest ways to accelerate its implementation in the field.

📌Explanation of the challenges of the 19 targets of SDG17 through concrete examples of projects carried out either by States, companies, communities, associations.

📌Explanation of all the strategic and ideological scope of this SDG17 and of what it means of our world today crossed by the multiple climatic, health, economic, social and societal crises which are juxtaposed and multiply among themselves.

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